How to register:

2019-2020 Maryland ALL STATE Junior Chorus Auditions (Grades 7, 8 and 9 only)

Please follow the following steps in order to ensure that you are properly registered.

1. Please click HERE to download and print out the general audition requirements and find links to audition music. 

2. Students should talk to Mr. Dogas if interested.

3. Parents must fill out an online consent/confirmation form which is required by the Maryland Music Educators Association. The link can be accessed by clicking HERE

4. All students who wish to audition must pay a fee of $8. Checks must be made payable to EMMS or cash is also acceptable. The payment must be turned in to Mr. Dogas in a SEALED envelope with the student's name written on the front!

The DEADLINE for signing up and turning in the $8 fee is FRIDAY, SEPT. 27!

Students selected for the All-State Junior Chorus will receive additional information at a later date. The fee for All-State is approximately $450 which includes 2 nights hotel accommodations plus all meals. 


The All State Ensembles (Chorus) are a select group of students representing the most talented instrumentalists in the State of Maryland. 

  • Junior Chorus - 7th, 8th, and 9th graders

  • Senior Chorus - 10th, 11th, and 12th graders

Students selected to participate spend several days in intensive rehearsals with a nationally recognized conductor before presenting a public performance. The performances are often associated with the MMEA/NAfME Spring Conference.


Interested students should inform their director that they would like to audition for the All State Ensembles. Money is due to directors no later than Friday, September 27, 2019. Audition music is prepared and performed for a panel of judges in early November.  Musicians are selected and invited to participate for that year based on the audition results.


A. Performance Selections

1. Accompanied Piece

  • Junior Chorus - Judea, Happy Land - Handel, Public Domain, SATB

● Be prepared to sing your part in the assigned piece. Music must be downloaded from the MMEA web page. ● The students must sing the entire piece in the correct octave. Practice tracks are available on the MMEA website. ● Students may bring their own music to use in the audition room, but music will not be supplied at auditions.

2. A Cappella Piece

  • Junior Chorus - The Water is Wide

● Be prepared to sing the assigned piece from memory and without accompaniment, exactly as the pitches and rhythms are printed and in the correct octave. ● Students are expected to use the expressive elements and the suggested tempo indicated in the a cappella piece. ● Students will sing in the designated keys for each voice part. The tonic chord, scale, and tonic chord again will be played on the audition recording. ● Students must find their starting pitch from the final chord.

B. Sight Reading

1. Rhythmic Sight Reading

  • Students will perform two rhythmic sight reading examples using their preferred rhythm sight reading method (e.g., clapping, syllables, etc.).

  • Students will be given 45 seconds of practice time and can practice out loud or silently. Students will be asked to establish their tempo by counting one full measure before beginning the example.

2. Melodic Sight Reading

  • Students will perform two melodic sight reading examples using their preferred melodic sight reading method (e.g., solfege, numbers, neutral syllables, etc.)

NOTE:  To get the most from the opportunity...students should prepare their audition under the guidance of a private instructor or your ensemble director.


Students will be given a specific audition time several weeks prior to the audition. The times are sent to the ensemble director from the audition coordinators and are not available before that time. Students should plan to arrive at the audition site approximately one hour prior to their scheduled audition time. Students will need to check in at the registration desk where they will be given instructions and will be directed to the warm-up area. (The warm-up area is usually a cafeteria or gymnasium where everyone waiting to audition is preparing.) Approximately ten or fifteen minutes prior to your audition time, a runner will come to escort you to the audition room.

When you arrive at the audition room you must wait until the person ahead of you has completed their audition. This could take several minutes, but DO NOT sing outside of the room. There will usually be a stand, as well as one judge sitting at the other end of the room. The judge will invite you inside and begin reading the audition script. 

Audition results will be mailed to your ensemble director approximately one month after the audition. Selection to the All State Music Program is the highest musical honor within MMEA and the State of Maryland.