CONCERT #1 - Monday, November 11 @ Howard High School (7:00pm)

Featuring... Concert Choir, String Ensemble, Nova Voce, Concert Band

CONCERT #2 - Thursday, November 14 - @ Howard High School (7:00pm)

Featuring... Bella Voce, String Orchestra, Chamber Choir, Chamber Orchestra

CONCERT #3 - Tuesday, November 19 @ Centennial (7:00pm)

Featuring...Symphonic Band, Symphonic Winds, Wind Ensemble

CONCERT #4 - Thursday, November 21 @ Howard (7:00pm)

Featuring...Howard Pyramid Concert (All 8th graders in band)

CONCERT #1 - Thursday, January 9 @ Howard HS (7:00pm)

Featuring... Chamber Choir, Nova Voce, Chamber Orchestra, Symphonic Winds

CENTENNIAL CHORAL FESTIVAL (C-FEST) - Friday, January 17 @ Centennial HS (AM Field trip; 7:00pm concert)

Featuring… Chamber Choir, Nova Voce, Bella Voce

CONCERT #2 - Wednesday, January 22 @ Mt. Hebron High School (7:00pm)

Featuring... String Ensemble, String Orchestra, Concert Choir, Concert Band

CONCERT #3 - Thursday, January 23 @ Mt. Hebron High School (7:00pm)

Featuring... Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, Bella Voce, Symphony Orchestra

CONCERT #4 - Wednesday, January 29 @ Ellicott Mills Middle School (7:00pm)

Featuring... Jazz Lab, Jazz Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble



BAND - Monday & Tuesday, March 2-3 @ Atholton High School (Date and Time TBA- Snow date: 3/9-10)

Featuring... Symphonic Winds, Wind Ensemble

CHOIR - Wednesday & Thursday, March 18-19 @ River Hill High School  (Date and Time TBA- Snow dates: 3/20,3/23)

Featuring... Concert Choir, Bella Voce, Nova Voce, Chamber Choir

ORCHESTRA - Monday & Tuesday, March 30-31 @ Reservoir High School (Snow dates: 4/3)

Featuring… Chamber Orchestra, String Orchestra

BAND - Wednesday & Thursday, March 4-5 @ Atholton High School  (Date and Time TBA- Snow date: 3/15)

          Featuring... Symphonic Band, Concert Band

ORCHESTRA - Wednesday & Thursday, April 1-2 @ Reservoir High School (Date and Time TBA-Snow dates: 4/3)

Featuring… String Ensemble


Saturday, May 30 – Hershey Park, PA (All Day)

BAND - Symphonic Band, Symphonic Winds, Wind Ensemble

CHOIR - Nova Voce, Bella Voce

ORCHESTRA - String Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra

NOTE:  Detailed information can be found in the HERSHEY PARK permission packet.


CONCERT #1 - Wednesday, May 27 @ Ellicott Mills MS (7:00pm)

Featuring... Jazz Lab, Jazz Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble

CONCERT #2 - Monday, June 1 @ Mt. Hebron HS (7:00pm)

Featuring... String Ensemble, Concert Band, Symphonic Band, String Orchestra

CONCERT #3 - Tuesday, June 2 @ Mt. Hebron HS (7:00pm)

Featuring... Chamber Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Winds

CONCERT #4 - Wednesday, June 3 @ Mt. Hebron HS (7:00pm)

Featuring... Concert Choir, Nova Voce, Bella Voce, Chamber Choir