Welcome to the EMMS Music family!

All of us on the music staff are excited for the coming year and grateful for your support as we begin an incredible journey together, filled with learning, growing, and making music.  With this in mind, there are a few areas where we could use support.

Our annual Patron Program gives individuals and local businesses the opportunity to support music at Ellicott Mills through donations at various levels.  We appreciate the generosity the community has provided in the past to help fund the purchase of instruments and equipment, supplemental music, folio cabinets, recording equipment, and additional program needs.  These purchases have given us the flexibility to split our sectional classes - allowing for more differentiated instruction, create balanced ensembles, and eased the burden of transporting large instruments to and from school.  We could not have done this without your support.

Ellicott Mills is experiencing unprecedented growth in the music department.  There are currently 550+ students in our music program; and incredibly, we expect that number to continue growing.  We are adding new ensembles to support this growth and have even added an additional staff member (Welcome Mr. Burns!) to support our student musicians.  This growth is a great “problem” to have.  So, how can you help?

We need instruments!  While we know that many of you have purchased instruments for your students to play (thank you!), there are students for whom this isn’t possible, particularly for some of the larger instruments.  These are typically provided by HCPSS, and we simply don’t have enough to go around.  (To be clear, EMMS and HCPSS have been awesome about providing funds for us.  We are just growing faster than the funds can support!)

By offering your support through a direct donation you can help to provide valuable assistance without the distractions of a traditional fundraising effort.  If each family of a performing arts student donated just $50, we could fund many of the extra expenses associated with maintaining our growing music program.

You may send in a donation in any amount by using the attached form and we will acknowledge your donation in each of our concert programs throughout the year.  Your direct donation will benefit students throughout the entire music program.  The more support we have - both financially and through your volunteer efforts - the more opportunities our students will have to learn about music, perform for appreciative audiences and develop positive character traits.

Thank you in advance for your generous support!


Your Music Team  (Mr. Burns, Mr. Denne, Mr. Dogas, Mr. Fischer)

To make a Donation and become an EMMS Music Patron, please click HERE!


The HCPSS Online School Payment (OSP) website is where parents are able to pay for student school activities and fees by debit or credit card online using a secure web browser at their convenience, 24 hours a day.  Please note that OSMS, Inc. charges a 4% handling fee for online purchases.  To ensure that your payment is affiliated with your child, please take a moment in your account to enter your child's information to the "Student Profile" section under your account.