Due to the performance nature of music and the team effort required to perform with an ensemble, it is imperative that students and their families recognize that music performance is a commitment of time, effort, energy, and emotion.  Each and every member of the ensemble is crucial to the success of the ensemble!


The success of the ensemble depends on the work and dedication of each and every member. We have established the following expectations in order to maintain discipline and achieve a quality that will reflect positively on every member of the ensemble, the music program as a whole, and the Ellicott Mills community.

What you can expect of us:

  • We will be prepared for each class.
  • We will arrive on time, and cover all material thoroughly.
  • We will display professionalism and enthusiasm for teaching and music.
  • We will reinforce basic through advanced skills required to be an outstanding musician.
  • We will assist you in learning all aspects of music, including appreciation.

What we expect from you:

  • You will adhere to all school guidelines as outlined in the HCPSS Student Handbook.
  • You will be prepared for each class, having practiced your music at home.  Class should be review and application of what has been worked on at home - not a substitute for practicing.
  • Number all measures and mark your music using the system of notation presented at the beginning of the year.
  • We will warm-up as an ensemble.  Once you are seated, put music in order, work on breathing, and get mentally focused for rehearsal.
  • Sit or stand as appropriate with good posture at all times.
  • PODIUM PROTOCOL! - Do not talk while the conductor is on the podium unless instructed to do so.
  • Stop playing immediately after a cut off and listen attentively for congratulations, corrections, or instructions.
  • Be on time for every rehearsal/performance.  (In your seat, mentally focused when class begins!)  This include all materials as outlined in this handbook.  “To be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late, to be late is to be a disruption!!”
  • Instruments and music go home EVERY DAY!
  • It is ultimately your responsibility to master the music. We will assist you, but mastery will involve true effort on your part.  DO NOT SETTLE FOR “GOOD ENOUGH!”
  • Respect your classmates and their belongings.  Education is about teamwork.  Do Not touch any equipment other than your own.
  • Display professional behavior and dress in appropriate attire at all times.
  • Act in a safe and respectful manner.
  • Bring a Great Attitude to class EVERY DAY!
  • NO FOOD, DRINKS or GUM in the rehearsal rooms or performance spaces.
  • NO Cell Phone /iPad/iPod use during rehearsal.  Exceptions will be made for the TONAL ENERGY APP or TEMPO APP if we are working on this as an ensemble.
  • The Rehearsal Room is not a locker room.  Please keep all jackets, gym bags, lunches, etc. out of the Rehearsal Room.
  • Never assume a rehearsal or performance is canceled due to poor weather.  If you do not hear from us, please report as scheduled.


Due to the nature of the organization, discipline must be fair, and consistent.  EMMS musicians and their parents must be willing to accept the ideals, principles, and rules of the group as a whole.  Failure to comply with these expectations will result in the following disciplinary steps:

  1. a verbal warning
  2. a verbal warning, notification of the parent/guardian, and a consequence
  3. a verbal warning, notification of the parent/guardian, and a parent conference
  4. a verbal warning, notification of the parent/guardian, and disciplinary action by the administration
  5. a verbal warning, notification of the parent/guardian, and possible removal from the music program in consultation with the administration