The goal of our concert attire is to have a uniform dress code. We want to draw attention to the music the students are creating and put emphasis on the group instead of the individual.

Below are the guidelines for all students in the music program…

  • Black Dress Pants

    • Solid black, not faded or gray, no tears, fraying or writing

    • Skirts, Shorts, Capris, Leggings, or Jeans are not consistent with our dress code

    • You should be able to tuck your shirt in

  • EMMS Music Dress Shirt

    • This is a button-down shirt purchased through the EMMS Music Department. All of the students will try on sample shirts to determine the correct size and shirts were ordered for all of the students. The only step we need from parents is to submit payment. The cost of the shirt is $30, and we can accept payments by check or online. If you wish to submit a check, please write the student's name and your phone number on the check made payable to EMMS and have your student bring it in to school with their name, the name of their ensemble, and "EMMS Concert Attire" written on the front of the envelope.

  • Black Socks

  • Black Dress Shoes

    • Open-toed shoes are not permitted

    • No tennis shoes or sandals

How to order a concert shirt

It is a big challenge to get a concert shirt that fits for all of the students we have in the music program in time for our first concert.  With that in mind, there are a number of ways that we work to accomplish this challenge.  In the end, two things need to happen for each student that needs a concert shirt:  1) We need to determine the correct size and 2) We need to collect payment for the shirt.  Sometimes these things happen at the same time, but sometimes they don’t, so we are going to address them separately.  We expect that all new students to the program will need a concert shirt.   However, there may be new students that already have shirts from older siblings or neighbors as well as returning students that have outgrown their shirts and need a new one.  


The shirts that we order are black button-down dress shirts.  We have gone through a fairly exhaustive search and we have not found a place where we can buy them in bulk in kid’s sizing.  As a result, the sizing is adult male, from XS-XL and adult female, from XXS-XL.  The only difference between the male and female styles is the inclusion of a pocket on the male style.  We have a number of sixth graders of both genders in the program that require the smallest size available (the female XXS).  Unfortunately, that size is still too large for some of our smallest students.  The majority of students, however, will find a size that will meet their needs.  

Parents may choose to indicate a requested size on the order form if they are confident that they know the correct size.  However, we will also be helping all of the students to try on shirts on Friday 9/20 to determine the correct size.  You can click here to get the order form.


There are two ways to pay for the shirt. 1) by check or 2) by Online School Payment.


If you pay by check, please make sure that you include the check with the order form and make sure that the student’s name is on the check. If you do not know the correct size, please indicate this on the order form and we will check the size prior to placing the order.

Online School Payment (OSP)

The HCPSS Online School Payment (OSP) website is where parents are able to pay for student school activities and fees by debit or credit card online using a secure web browser at their convenience, 24 hours a day. Please note that OSMS, Inc. charges a 4% handling fee for online purchases. To ensure that your payment is affiliated with your child, please take a moment in your account to enter your child's information to the "Student Profile" section under your account. You may also submit an order form and indicate that you used the OSP system if you know the size of shirt that you would like to order. The order form is not necessary if you are paying by OSP and you are counting on us to determine the correct size.

Here is the link to the OSP "EMMS Music" Dress Shirt payment page.