The EMMS Jazz Ensemble and Jazz lab are co-curricular courses in which students learn concrete, intellectual knowledge, and the physical skills and disciplines necessary to perform on a musical instrument, as well as an appreciation for music, musicianship, and beauty.  Unlike other academic courses, in the Jazz Program, the quality of the end product and other students' educational experiences depend on the combined efforts of the ensemble.  That is, if an individual student has a particular weakness or lack of understanding, the entire group is unable to achieve at it highest level.

  • The EMMS Jazz Ensemble and Jazz Lab are co-curricular ensembles, meaning students MUST be enrolled in a performing (concert) ensemble in order to participate, except students that play non-traditional band instruments including, Guitar, Piano, Bass (Electric/Acoustic), or vocalists. These ensembles are comprised of students in 6th, 7th and 8th grade who elect to participate in jazz. Both ensembles work to prepare at least two concerts a year, develop skills in jazz improvisation, and perform music in a variety of modern styles (including but not limited to swing, modern jazz, funk, rock, and pop).