The rehearsals and performances on our calendar represent ALL of the time required of the students beyond the normal school day.  We value your time and have limited these rehearsals/performances to the minimum necessary to achieve our musical goals as an ensemble.  Please review the calendar carefully and add all rehearsal/concert dates to your family calendar.  If you notice a pre-existing conflict, please contact your ensemble director immediately so that we can make plans to work through that with you.  We need every student present at every rehearsal/performance so that we can be our best.

Click HERE to view our concert calendar for the 2017-18 school year.

Click HERE for a printable version of our concert calendar.


Many hours of hard work and preparation precede each performance.  It is very distracting to the concert musicians when the doors to the concert hall are constantly opening and closing.  Therefore, out of respect for the musicians as well as other concertgoers, please help keep distractions to a minimum by following these guidelines.

  • Please remain seated, and exit only between groups or during the applause between selections.
  • Please do not talk or text during a performance
  • Please do not use flashes while students are performing.
  • Please make sure that all cell phones and beepers are turned off.
  • Please do not carry on loudly in the lobby while the groups are performing.  The sound will carry into the auditorium.
  • Food, drinks and gum are NOT allowed in the auditorium at any time.
  • Applause is appropriate at the end of the performance of the entire piece of music.  If you are uncertain as to whether it is appropriate to applaud, watch the arms of the conductor; when the conductor lowers his arms to his sides, the piece is complete and it is time to applaud heartily.
  • Recognize the concerts for the events they are by dressing for the occasion and observing concert etiquette.  The price of the concert does not always reflect the concert’s artistic value.
  • Please make sure your student performer arrives on time, dressed properly.
  • Please support all aspects of the Music Department by remaining until the end of the concert.

Please support our student musicians by attending concerts, bringing friends and relatives, and encouraging your children to prepare for all of their musical endeavors.