All performing ensembles are essentially group endeavors.  They achieve musical success by the collective efforts of their members.  As such, no performing ensemble can successfully achieve its goals without a complete commitment to excellence from each member.  It is important that students/parents realize that band is a commitment of time, money, energy and emotion.   Each and every member of the ensemble is crucial to the success of the overall ensemble.

In addition to the hard work and discipline, having fun is paramount.  Fun is FUNdamental to achieving our goals.  Never lose sight of the bigger picture and the end goals.

  1. To be educated in music and LIFE.

  2. To achieve to your full potential

Fran Kick explains how MUSIC can be FUN...  If you are willing to put in the time!


A placement, a score, or a rating never defines success within our program.  Success is defined by our ability to grow as individuals by: challenging ourselves beyond our current scope, achieving to our full potential, and achieving both individual and group goals that we set throughout the year

RESPECT - Respect cannot be demanded or forced; it must be earned!!  A successful Band Program member respects the values and contributions of their fellow musicians/performers, while consistently working to achieve their full potential.  All Band Program Members should view themselves as EQUALS, regardless of their age or position.

SELF-IMPROVEMENT - There is no question that we all value people who are responsible, friendly, patient, positive, organized, sincere, talented, enthusiastic, consistent, and competent.  We must become the kind of person that others admire.  In all cases, this means that self-improvement is necessary.  Self-improvement means objectively analyzing your strengths and weaknesses and then working diligently to improve your weaknesses, while maintaining your strengths.

MOTIVATION - We cannot motivate people!  People motivate themselves, usually resulting from a positive or a negative experience.  Success depends on each individual’s ability to motivate themselves in order to achieve their fullest potential.

CODA (a fancy music word for ending...)

In Closing...

  • You are beginning an unbelievable journey. Have a great time.

  • You will face many challenges, but your hard work, dedication, determination, commitment and heart will make the EMMS Music a huge success. It is with people like yourselves that this organization was founded and continues to blossom.

  • You are going to find that striving to be the best is not an easy task. There are long hours, frustration, and nit picking details. This however does not change our goal to be the best that we can be. We expect you to make a serious commitment. If you have decided to participate, we expect you to work hard and give everything that you have. Music will not be FUN all of the time. You will make a lot of new friends, and there will be good times and musical moments. There might even be times when practicing is the most fun you will ever have!?!?

  • You will receive an education. Your talents will improve and other talents you were unaware of will begin to blossom. It WILL take hard work!! It is impossible to put into words all that our program has to offer you. We urge you to put all that you have into making this the best experience of your lives. Have a great year!!

To The Parents: The EMMS Music Program is an important part of the total school community.  One of the greatest assets that a student musician has is a parent or guardian who is interested in the student’s success.  Every member is expected to be the best person and best musician that he/she can be in order to foster the high standards that have been our tradition.  You can help us guide your students to these goals by considering the following:

  • Patience - is repeatedly reminding your child to practice. It is not unusual for your child to experience “slumps” in their practice routine. All of us have experienced times when we lack the self-discipline to do the things that need to be done. We need to be patient with ourselves and try to get back on track. Remember that practicing everyday means everyday, not just when it is convenient.

  • Encouragement - Encourage your son/daughter through the ups and downs of the year. The nature of practice is working on something that you do not do well. This can be very frustrating. Encourage them to stick with it. In music, as in life, some things are learned easily, while others require intensive and repeated application. Parental understanding is critical. NOTE: *If practicing sounds really good, they probably are working on something that they can already play.

  • Imagination - "Imagination is more important that knowledge” - Albert Einstein. Knowledge is just the transfer of information, but imagination creates things that had no prior existence. Be imaginative in creating a musical atmosphere in your home. Tune in to interesting musical programs on the stereo and TV, invite friends who play instruments into your home, have students perform for you, have them record themselves. In short... make your home a haven for the arts.

  • Exposure - Expose your son/daughter to as many diverse cultural events as possible. Make your home a place where all the arts are explored and celebrated.

  • Praise - When you hear something good, praise your son/daughter for their good work. A little praise goes a long way.

  • Criticize Carefully - Students often react negatively when they are told that they sound like a dying chicken. Although this may be done in a joking manner, the results could turn your child away from music forever.

  • Never use practicing as a punishment!

  • Common Sense is often not so common. Avoid undue stress. A balanced schedule of interests into which music and its practice fits as a natural element will pay big personal dividends. Help your student understand the importance of finding balance. Make practicing a regular and natural part of their daily routine and you will see huge leaps in music as well as pay-offs in their other subjects.

  • Plan, Plan, Plan - Plan activities knowing that your child’s attendance is not only required, but imperative for the overall success of the ensemble. All dates are made available well in advance. Please make a point of including band activities into your long-term family planning by placing all band events on your calendar at the beginning of the year.

  • Private Instruction - Nothing takes the place of a one-on-one teaching experience by a professional performer.

  • Metronome/Tuner - Simple tools, but some of the most effective aids in becoming a better musician. Get the "Tonal Energy" App.

  • Professional Instrument - Your son/daughter can only perform as well as his/her instrument will allow. Many times we lose sight of that fact, thinking that, “Little Johnny can play Uncle Fester’s old trumpet!!” This works, but nothing takes the place, and many times, nothing motivates a student like a shiny, new instrument. I would be happy to help you find an instrument that supports your child’s needs, and your financial situation.

  • YOU! - The best thing that you can do for your son or daughter is GET INVOLVED. There is so much to do throughout the year that I am sure we can find the right place for you. Our organization relies on YOU to help us meet our goals. This is an exciting time in your child’s life and we want you to be a part of our journey.

There is nothing that can stand in your way except for wasted time.

Wasted time is lost…  FOREVER

Your ability to succeed is in your hands!