Orchestra Students - All materials listed below are required for full and active participation. Students should have these materials within one week of their enrollment into the program.

While not every student has a device, there are too many helpful tools available on these platforms to ignore.  The application that we will be using most in orchestra is the Tonal Energy Tuner by Sonosaurus, LLC.  The price for this app is around $4 and includes a wonderful tuner and drone that can be set to just intonation in any key (this is a rare ability among tuners and incredibly important) as well as a metronome and an analysis tool that allows you to record your performance and then see how well you played in tune.  When I was in middle school, the price of a tuner was $30, the price of a metronome was $20, the price of a drone source (CD at the time) was $15,  and the price of the equipment needed to do what Tonal Energy does in the analysis mode was a few thousand dollars.  With this perspective, the $4 price tag is incredible if you already have an iOS or Android device.



*We will supply the following books for use at school, however, work beyond the classroom will be assigned in these books and will necessitate the purchase of these materials for home practice.

All Orchestra

  • Essentials for Strings by Gerald Anderson (published by Kjos and available at Mike's Music)
  • Suzuki Books - These will be assigned during sectionals.  The required book will be different for each student and will be dependent on the skill level of each musician.



All students must provide the following materials for rehearsals and sectionals... 

  • Pencil 
  • Instrument (clean & professionally maintained) 
  • All Accessories (Shoulder Rest, Rosin, Extra Strings)


  • Rosin
  • Shoulder Rest (this is a crucial element for correct fitting of the instrument. If a student cannot hold the instrument comfortably without the use his or her hands, a better fit must be obtained. See Mr. Denne if you have any questions)
  • Extra set of strings (Dominant strings are a much better value than Red Label and strings can be obtained from online retailers - sharmusic.comor - for decent prices)
  • Cloth to wipe rosin off of strings


  • Rosin
  • Rock Stop (for use at home)
  • Extra A and D strings, 
  • Cloth to wipe rosin off of strings


  • Rosin
  • Rock Stop (for use at home)
  • Cloth to wipe rosin off of strings

Materials can be purchased at your local music store or online.  Here is a list of our business partners.

  • Perrin and Associates Fine Violins - 517 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21201 - (410) 539-0043
  • Gailes Violin Shop - 10013 Rhode Island Ave, College Park, MD 20740 - (301) 474-4300
  • Mike's Music - 4872 Montgomery Road - Ellicott City, MD 21043 - (410) 465-0700
  • Music and Arts - Chatham Station - 9210 Baltimore National Pike - Ellicott City, MD 21042 - (410) 461-1844
  • Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center - 11151 Veirs Mills Road - Wheaton, MD 20902 - (301) 946-8808