Welcome to the Ellicott Mills Middle School Music Program.  We are so excited that you will be joining us on this musical journey.  We are dedicated to the idea that performance is central to the training of musicians and we look forward to guiding your development.

The Ellicott Mills Middle School Music Program provides a performance-based curriculum for ALL learners, focusing on the development of expressive and artistic musical experiences through student driven work.  It is important to note that we will not merely be playing instruments in this course, but rather learning the language of music through performance.  As such, a significant portion of your work in this course will be devoted to refining your performance skills, increasing your ability to read new music, and exploring what it means to be an all-encompassing musician.


The MISSION of the EMMS Music Program is to present a comprehensive music program that challenges students to reach their full potential, become knowledgeable and appreciative musicians, and contribute as positive members of society, while performing at the highest level of musical excellence.  In all of these endeavors, we will strive to embrace the inherent joy of making music together.


The EMMS Music Program is guided by a commitment to professional performance standards.  Its atmosphere challenges students to realize their full potential and provides musical and intellectual stimulation to foster growth.  The Music Program works towards this ideal through emphasis on musical performance and pride of accomplishment.  Excellence is achieved by maintaining performance standards and challenging every individual to his/her full potential.

In music, as in many aspects of life, we can always improve.  Improvement requires CHANGE!.  No matter how “good” your are, you can always improve.  Change, though not always comfortable, is an exciting opportunity and pathway to continuous growth and learning.  Our primary objective is to awake and nurture within every student an appreciation for music, both as a performer and as a listener.

To accomplish this, music will be taught via performance in order to develop:

  • the ability to perform on a musical instrument

  • musical skills, both technical and expressive

  • an understanding of the fundamental building blocks of music and musical performance

  • the ability to self-assess in an effort to foster musical growth

  • an increased appreciation and understanding of quality in all types of music and its performance

  • a sensitivity to and understanding of the basic elements of music

  • a deeper understanding and appreciation of music and how it affects the world around us

  • young men and women into literate, life-long consumers of music and responsible young adults

 Building a strong music program requires the following from its members and the community:

  • an understanding that band is a commitment of time, money, energy and emotion, which will help students develop a sense of responsibility, time management, and perseverance (attendance, discipline, preparation and unity will be daily expectations).

  • the ability to commit to a daily and diligent practice routine at home and in school. Practicing is not optional!

  • the generosity and kindness of parents to willingly serve as volunteers.

  • the support of the community to recognize the amazing impact music has on educating the whole child, while fostering a sense of pride and unity.

REMEMBER:  This is your experience!!   The ideas, comments, and concerns of our members and their families enable us to continually improve the program to ensure the greatest possible experience for everyone.  If you have a question... Ask!


Membership in the EMMS Music Program requires one quality...

ENTHUSIASM for Music and for Ellicott Mills Middle School.    ALL students are accepted and are placed according to musical ability and aptitude.  In some instances, players may be asked to play another instrument needed to make up the proper ensemble instrumentation.   ALL Music Program members MUST be enrolled in a performing ensemble to participate.